Source code for medium_api._article

This module contains the `Article` class.

from datetime import datetime

[docs]class Article: """Article Class With `Article` object, you can use the following properties and methods: - article._id - - article.responses - article.is_self_published - article.content - article.markdown - article.json - article.save_info() - article.save_content() - article.save_markdown() - article.fetch_responses() Note: `Article` class is NOT intended to be used directly by importing. See :obj:`medium_api.medium.Medium.article`. """ def __init__(self, article_id, get_resp, fetch_articles, fetch_users, save_info=False): self.__get_resp = get_resp self.article_id = str(article_id) self.__fetch_articles = fetch_articles self.__fetch_users = fetch_users self.title = None self.subtitle = None self.claps = None = None self.url = None self.published_at = None self.publication_id = None self.tags = None self.topics = None self.last_modified_at = None self.reading_time = None self.word_count = None self.responses_count = None self.voters = None self.lang = None self.image_url = None self.is_series = None self.is_locked = None self.publication = None self.__info = None self.__content = None self.__markdown = None self.__response_ids = None self.__responses = None if save_info: self.save_info()
[docs] def save_info(self): """Saves the information related to the article Note: Only after running ``article.save_info()`` you can use the following variables: - ``article.title`` - ``article.subtitle`` - ``article.claps`` - ```` - ``article.url`` - ``article.published_at`` - ``article.publication_id`` - ``article.tags`` - ``article.topics`` - ``article.last_modified_at`` - ``article.reading_time`` - ``article.word_count`` - ``article.responses_count`` - ``article.voters`` - ``article.lang`` - ``article.is_series`` - ``article.is_locked`` - ``article.image_url`` - ``article.publication`` """ from medium_api._user import User from medium_api._publication import Publication article = self.title = article.get('title') self.subtitle = article.get('subtitle') self.claps = article.get('claps') = User(user_id=article['author'], get_resp=self.__get_resp, fetch_articles=self.__fetch_articles, fetch_users=self.__fetch_users, save_info=False) if article.get('author') else None self.url = article.get('url') self.published_at = datetime.strptime(article['published_at'], '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') if article.get('published_at') else None self.publication_id = article.get('publication_id') self.tags = article.get('tags') self.topics = article.get('topics') self.last_modified_at = datetime.strptime(article['last_modified_at'], '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') if article.get('last_modified_at') else None self.reading_time = article.get('reading_time') self.word_count = article.get('word_count') self.responses_count = article.get('responses_count') self.voters = article.get('voters') self.lang = article.get('lang') self.is_series = article.get('is_series') self.is_locked = article.get('is_locked') self.image_url = article.get('image_url') if not self.is_self_published: self.publication = Publication(publication_id=self.publication_id, get_resp=self.__get_resp, fetch_articles=self.__fetch_articles, fetch_users=self.__fetch_users, save_info=False) if self.title is None: print(f"[ERROR]: Could not retrieve article for the given article_id ({self.article_id}). Please check if this article exists.") print(f"[ERROR]: Link to unknown article:{self.article_id}")
[docs] def save_content(self): """Saves the textual content of the article Can be accessed later using ``article.content`` Returns: None """ self.__content = self.content
[docs] def save_markdown(self): """Saves the markdown of the article Can be accessed later using ``article.markdown`` Returns: None """ self.__markdown = self.markdown
@property def _id(self): """To get the article_id Returns: str: Returns article_id of the object. """ return self.article_id @property def info(self): """To get the articles information Returns: dict: Returns a dictionary object containing `title, subtitle, claps, voters, author, publication_id, word_count, etc ...` (excluding `content`) """ if self.__info is None: resp, _ = self.__get_resp(f'/article/{self.article_id}') self.__info = dict(resp) return self.__info @property def response_ids(self): """To get the list of ids of responses (comments) on the article Returns: list: Returns a list of `response_ids`. """ if self.__response_ids is None: resp, _ = self.__get_resp(f'/article/{self.article_id}/responses') self.__response_ids = list(resp['responses']) return self.__response_ids @property def responses(self): """To get the list of responses (Article Objects) Returns: list[Article]: Returns a list of `Article` Objects. """ if self.__responses is None: self.__responses = [Article( article_id=response_id, get_resp=self.__get_resp, fetch_articles=self.__fetch_articles, fetch_users=self.__fetch_users, ) for response_id in self.response_ids] return self.__responses
[docs] def fetch_responses(self, content=True): """To fetch all the responses information and content on an article. Args: content (bool, optional): Set it to `True` if you want to fetch the textual content of the article as well. Otherwise, default is `False`. Returns: None: All the fetched information will be access via `user.articles`. ``article.responses[0].content`` ``article.responses[1].claps`` """ self.__fetch_articles(self.responses, content=content)
@property def is_self_published(self): """To check if the article is self-published or not Returns: bool: Returns `True` if article is self-published, else `False` if article is published under a Medium Publication. """ article = if article['publication_id'] != '*Self-Published*': return False else: return True @property def content(self): """To get the textual content of the article Returns: str: A single string containing `kicker, title, subtitle, paragraphs, image captions, listicles, etc ...` within an article """ if self.__content is None: resp, _ = self.__get_resp(f'/article/{self.article_id}/content') self.__content = str(resp['content']) return self.__content @property def markdown(self): """To get the Markdown of the Medium Article Returns: str: A single string containing `kicker, title, subtitle, paragraphs, images, listicles, etc ...` within an article, in the markdown format """ if self.__markdown is None: resp, _ = self.__get_resp(f'/article/{self.article_id}/markdown') self.__markdown = str(resp['markdown']) return self.__markdown @property def json(self): """To get the articles information in JSON format Returns: dict: Returns a JSON object containing article `info`, `content`, and `markdown` if already fetched. Else, returns an empty object. """ ret = {} if self.__info: ret.update( if self.__content: ret['content'] = self.content if self.__markdown: ret['markdown'] = self.markdown return ret